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Big Egg Media: Multimedia Business in Adelaide, South Australia

Preserve your memories digitally with Big Egg Media Make your fond memories last - video and audio transfer to digital.

Do you have boxes of old video tape and audio cassette tapes, classic vinyl albums or even photo albums and slides lying around?

They're great memories, but sadly, they won't last forever.

Now is the time to give your precious memories the attention they deserve.

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Big Egg Who?

Run by Anthony and Vikki Schiavone, Big Egg Media is a leading multimedia business in Adelaide, South Australia, offering specialised multimedia products and services Australia wide. Learn more about us »


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A. Kovacic - Kambah, ACT

I have received the CDs and am very happy with the quality and presentation. I got exactly what I required and more with a very quick turnaround time and at a very reasonable price.


Kim Sligh, Minara Resources

Minara ResourcesBig Egg Media – an extraordinary name for a company that provides extraordinary service!

I would like to thank Edwin and his team at Big Egg Media for a fantastic job in the completion of our training video.


David Boemia - NAB Retail SA & NT
20 January, 2016

National Australia BankWe selected Big Egg Media because their cost was very competitive and when we spoke to them over the phone they were very helpful, organised, easy to deal with and nothing was too much trouble, which made them an easy choice to select.

We were very happy with Big Egg Media's professionalism and their whole team's attitude towards helping us make the day fun, enjoyable and purposeful. Their willingness to assist us prior and during the event was first class. The final video was exactly what we wanted and helped make the day memorable for all who attended.

On the day Edwin and his team were relaxed and happy which made them easy and great to deal with. We will definitely look to use Big Egg Media again in the near future.