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20% off professional audio tape digitisation, archiving and audio tape transfer in Adelaide, South Australia

Make your previous memories last. Transfer audio tapes and Vinyl LPs to CD, MP3 and digital today! Make your precious memories last - Transfer audio tapes and Vinyl LPs to CD, MP3 and digital.

Audio Conversion - Adelaide, South Australia

Grandparent's memoirs, language & training tapes, or the only recording of the rock band you led back in the day? We can convert and transfer your audio to CD and MP3 today!

Audio Cassette to CD Conversion AdelaideCD and MP3 formats are easy to use, easy to store and won't degrade in quality over time. Don't hold off any longer – safely convert your audio to a digital format before it wears out or it's too late.

We specialise in converting:

What You Get with our Audio Conversion:

Reel to Reel Audio Tape

Australia-wide Service

Big Egg Media is based in Adelaide, South Australia, but can easily convert your tapes if you live elsewhere. We recommend and use registered Australia Post to ensure your precious audio is kept safe.

Audio Editing and EQ

Click and Pop no more!

Our basic audio restoration service gives great results in removing unwanted background noise, hum and pops that are often heard on vinyl records & cassette tapes.

We also offer an advanced audio editing service if you require a large amount of audio cutting, equalisation and balance of your audio, or if you'd like filters and effects added.


Conversions to CD include CD tracks, and a personalised CD cover & label.

Service Cost
Audio Cassette tape to CD Conversion $40 per tape
LP Vinyl Record to CD Conversion $40 per record
'Single' Vinyl Record to CD Conversion $35 per record
Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape to CD Conversion $66 per hour of audio,
min charge of $40 per reel
Conversion to MP3 or WMA Audio CD same as conversion to Audio CD
Additional CD copies (includes cover, label & case) $15 per disc
Basic Audio Restoration Additional $15 per tape/record
Advanced Audio Editing $110 per hour
Other Format Conversions - AIFF, MP3, WMA, QuickTime, Ogg Vorbis contact us for a quote

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