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Adelaide switches to digital TV

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The analogue television signal was officially switched off yesterday morning in Adelaide at 9am. Did you notice? No!? We thought you wouldn’t… that’s probably because you already have a digital flatscreen TV, or a digital set top box which is already receiving the digital signal. Other areas in Australia will be following the move soon – Tasmania on 9th April and Perth on 16th April. Why switch? There are a few reasons why Australia is making the switch to digital TV. Firstly, digital TV gives you the ability to watch TV in high definition quality, which looks great on the latest LCD and flat screen TVs. There are also...

How to store your Slides and Negatives safely

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Many people have huge collections of slides, negatives and photos lying around the house or in the shed. Perhaps the most important thing you need to guard against is the degrading of these images, which can come in many forms, including: exposure to heat or cold becoming brittle, faded or stained becoming bent, ripped, cracked, warped or wrinkled being exposed to dust, dirt, moisture or insects To ensure your slides and negatives are kept in the best possible condition, they should be stored in sleeves or containers specially designed to keep your memories safe. Storage in a cool, dry location is best, so keep them out of any areas...

The Megapixel Myth

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When it comes to digital photography, many people have heard of the term ‘megapixels’. What you may not realise though, is how megapixels effect the size and print quality of a photo. We’d like to show you just exactly how many megapixels are required to print a variety of photo sizes – and you may be surprised at the results! Misconceptions It is a common thought that ‘the higher the number of megapixels, the better the photo print quality’. In fact, the number of megapixels has very little to do with the quality of the photo. For example, a photo from a 5 year old 5-megapixel camera could make...

Preserve Your Memories Digitally – VCR to DVD Transfer

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The Video Cassette Recorder, more commonly known as the VCR, and the camcorder, changed the way people record the events of their lives in the 1980s – 2000s. These advances in the technology made it possible for almost anyone to be the cameraman of their family’s life story. These devices used tape cassettes to capture the video images. The camcorder combined the camera as a video capture device along with a video cassette recorder. The home VCR allowed these videos to be played on the family television making the reliving of memorable family moments as simple as a push of a button on a remote control. However, technology has...

Hello and Welcome!

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Hi there! Welcome to our brand new blog. We’re Gareth and Edwin Davis, and we run a local Adelaide business called Big Egg Media. Through this blog, we hope to educate you on some of the finer points of all things multimedia – video transfers, audio conversion, corporate filming and video production and image scanning. We’ll post tips on photography and video recording, as well as the best ways to archive and make use of your photos and videos. We’ll also showcase our best best and latest website designs, along with details on how the landscape of the internet is changing and how businesses can make best use of the...

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