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Preserve Your Memories Digitally – VCR to DVD Transfer

Preserve Your Memories Digitally – VCR to DVD Transfer

VCR to DVD TransferThe Video Cassette Recorder, more commonly known as the VCR, and the camcorder, changed the way people record the events of their lives in the 1980s – 2000s. These advances in the technology made it possible for almost anyone to be the cameraman of their family’s life story.

These devices used tape cassettes to capture the video images. The camcorder combined the camera as a video capture device along with a video cassette recorder. The home VCR allowed these videos to be played on the family television making the reliving of memorable family moments as simple as a push of a button on a remote control.

However, technology has changed. In the past 10 years the VCR is no longer a standard part of the home entertainment system. The camcorder now utilises digital memory cards as its storage medium. That doesn’t mean those family memories are lost.

VCR to DVD transfer, through Big Egg Media, brings those memories into the modern age. This transfer can take your VHS or other format video tape and transfer the content to a DVD. The content of your cherished family memories remains the same. The process simply moves it to a medium that can be played on modern entertainment systems and most computers.

This process has several advantages. Some families maintain a VCR in their home simply to watch their old family videos. This adds another piece of equipment to the entertainment center that usually has no other use to the family. If the VCR fails, it can be costly to replace or repair.

Having the family memories updated with a VCR to DVD transfer allows the family to view their videos on the DVD player that many already utilise as part of the current home entertainment system. It makes it easy to gather around the television and enjoy the moments that were captured on tape years ago.

Camcorder to DVD TransferAnother important advantage of transferring VHS tapes to DVD is the stability of the medium. Tape cassettes of any format involve moving parts and flexible magnetic tape. Both of these components are prone to failure. The DVD, a disk containing the digital video files, has no moving parts and can offer years of reliable viewing if properly cared for.

At Big Egg Media, we are experienced in the VCR to DVD transfer process. We have the knowledge and equipment to produce the best quality videos possible from your tapes. Our services can bring your old video memories into the digital age!

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