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Discover 4 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Discover 4 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Got Mum a present yet for Mothers Day? If not, discover some great mothers day gift ideas from Big Egg Media that are personal, meaningful, and will last a lifetime. These gifts are also useful and practical, and can be easily enjoyed by the whole family.

#1 Convert Your Family Video Tapes
to DVD & Digital

vhs video tapes and camcorder tapesConverting your videos can be a fiddly process if you try it yourself. We make it easy with a high quality, hassle-free video to DVD conversion service that saves you the time and bother. The conversion of VHS & camcorder video tapes to DVD ensures that your videos will last longer than a lifetime.

What you get:

  • High quality transfer process
  • DVD chapter points
  • An attractive DVD menu
  • Personally designed disc label and cover artwork
  • Compilation of multiple videos into DVD packages

View our video tape transfer prices »

#2 Transfer a Favourite Vinyl Record
or Cassette Tape to CD/MP3

audio cassette tapesGrandparent’s memoirs, wedding services, language & training tapes, or the only recording of the rock band you led back in the day? CD and MP3 formats are easy to use, easy to store and won’t degrade in quality over time.

Our audio restoration does well to remove unwanted background noise, hum and pops that are often heard on vinyl records & cassette tapes.

What you get:

  • Safe & High Quality conversion process
  • Split up of music or spoken word into tracks, just like a commercial CD
  • Personally designed cover and label (including scanning of album covers)

View our vinyl record and audio conversion prices »

#3 Scan Your Family’s Slides, Photos
or Negatives to Digital

KodachromeScanning and digitising old photos, slides and negatives is the best way to archive your memories and move them into the digital age.

Once an image has been scanned to digital format, it is easy to share with friends and family online or create extra prints and enlargements.

What you get:

  • Physical dust and hair removal from each image
  • High quality scan of your images to either JPG or TIFF image files
  • Colour restoration if required (great for faded slides & negatives)
  • Images are produced onto an archival-quality data disc
  • Optional Photo Restoration

View our slide/photo/negative scanning prices »

#4 Create a DVD Photo Slideshow
for That Special Someone

DVD video slideshowDo you want to send a special message to your loved ones? DVD photo slideshows are a popular choice for anyone who wants to share their photos and memories with friends and family in a modern, stunning presentation.

Our DVD Photo Slideshows include:

  • High resolution scan of your images to JPG files
  • Motion effects on each photo
  • Transitions between each image
  • Background music
  • On screen titles and messages
  • A DVD you can watch on your TV or computer

View our DVD Photo Slideshow prices »

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