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How to Clean Your DVD Player

How to Clean Your DVD Player

Does your DVD player need a spring clean?

You may not realise, but over time your DVD player will get dirty. Dust, dirt and other particles can clog up the lens that reads the ‘information’ from your DVD, making DVDs glitchy or sometimes completely unwatchable!

A Disc Cleaner is a system that cleans the lens of your DVD player, using tiny little brushes attached to the underside of a disc to remove dirt and dust from the lens.

In fact, all optical disc players need to and can be cleaned, including CD players, CD-ROMs, Blu-Ray or DVD players, and even an Xbox or PlayStation.

Clean The Outside First

cleaning with microfibre clothFirstly, It’s a good idea to keep the outside of your DVD player clean from dust. The best way to do this is by simply wiping over the outside, front and back of your DVD player with a microfibre cloth. This will minimise the chance of dust entering inside your player. If you want want to get things super-clean, use a cotton bud (dipped in rubbing alcohol or slightly moist with water) to get in and around the tight areas.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a disc cleaning kit from most electrical retailers for around $10-$15 (Jaycar Electronics stock a standard CD/DVD Lens Cleaner). Be sure to purchase a disc cleaner that is made for multiple disc formats (both DVD & CD), and that is of reasonable quality. Be careful of cheap disc cleaners, as they may actually harm your DVD player by scratching the lens!

We suggest running it a couple of times a year, and definitely if you notice your discs are skipping or struggling to play.

I hope you find this helpful. Please reply below if you have any questions or comments.


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