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Film conversion to digital and DVD

Relive your memories on film. Transfer them to digital. 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm Movie Film Scanning & Conversion to Digital & DVD in Adelaide

Professional Film Scanning and Conversion to Digital - Adelaide

Do you have old Film on Reels? Save your parents and grandparents precious memories from film to digital before they deteriorate.

We professionally scan your film using the frame-by-frame transfer process, which scans each individual frame of your film and memories then converts the footage to digital for transfer to DVD, USB or External Hard Drive.

Super 8 movie film reels

By preserving your memories using this process it will eliminate any flickering and provides richer colours and sharper image compared to other film transfer methods. To ensure your memories are converted in high quality the frame-by-frame transfer is the best method to use.

We recommend you do not view your film old Projectors as they may cause sprocket hole damage or even burn your film. Bring the reels to us and have them converted safely to digital for easy viewing on computer or TV for years to come.

8mm movie film Editing Suite

Movie Film Transfer Formats:

  • Super8 Film (including sound if recorded)
  • Standard8 Film (including sound if recorded)
  • 16mm Film (Magnetic & Optical)
  • 9.5mm Film


Service Cost
Movie Film to DVD conversion $45 per 50 Feet of film
Additional DVD copies (includes cover, label & case) $15 per single DVD
Digital files provided on USB / External Hard Drive contact us for a quote

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