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Convert VHS Video Tape to DVD and Audio Tape Transfer in Adelaide, South Australia

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Professional Video and Audio Conversion

Big Egg Media can help with all types and formats of video tape conversion, audio conversion and tape transfer to DVD & digital. Big Egg Media is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Follow the links below for further information.

VHS video tape to DVD conversion from $35.

Other formats Big Egg Media Convert and Transfer to DVD include VHS to DVD, Betamax, S-VHS, VHS-C, Digital8, Hi8, Video8, MiniDV, DVCAM, U-matic, Betacam SP and Camcorder & Handycam Tapes. We convert both PAL and NTSC tapes to DVD.

We also convert video tapes to computer video files and digital formats such as QuickTime, WMV, AVI, MPEG and Flash. Big Egg Media can Transfer all formats of Video to DVD.

Audio cassette tape conversion to CD and MP3 from $40.

Vinyl record & LP conversion to CD and MP3 from $40.

Reel to Reel Audio Tape Conversion to CD and MP3.

Big Egg Media also offers audio restoration, including pop, click, hiss and hum removal.