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Digitising Local History Collections

Digitising Local History Collections

Over the last month we have been working closely with both the Burnside Historical Society and the Port Adelaide Enfield Library to digitise sections of their Local History Collections.

BHS have recently been interviewing residents of the local area who were asked about their memories of growing up and living in Burnside in the 1950s-1970s. They touch on topics such as housing, education, fashion, work and entertainment amongst other things, with plenty of interesting and sometimes amusing stories along the way!

The recent interviews were recorded on high quality digital voice recorders, from which we then produced archival-grade CDs for ease of use and storage at the Burnside Library. Especially as some of the interviewees are aged well into their 90s, it was important to undertake the digitising as soon as possible, to preserve the valuable local history for generations to come.

We undertook a similar process for the Port Adelaide Enfield Library, although the collection had been recorded (mainly in the 80s and 90s) directly to audio cassettes and micro-cassettes. Again, these were interviews and audio snippets about growing up in the Port Adelaide region, giving a valuable insight into times gone by. We digitised a collection of roughly 60 audio tapes to archival-grade CDs including full colour disc covers and labels with the particular details of those involved.

Our audio archival services start from as little as $40 per audio cassette and you can also take advantage of our bulk discounts for larger jobs.

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